Lincoln Flickers Subbuteo Club

Eastgate 3

The club was formed in March 2010 and is currently based at The Eastgate Tennis, Bowls and Squash Club, Langworthgate, Lincoln LN2 4AD. We meet once every three weeks, usually on a Wednesday night. A full list of meeting dates for the current season can be found below. In addition to annual league and cup competitions we hold a variety of one-off tournaments throughout the year. Everyone is welcome at our meetings, irrespective of ability or level of interest. Click either here or on the ABOUT link above if you would like to submit a form requesting further information.

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Meeting dates for the 2016/17 season are as follows:

Wednesday 28th September
Wednesday 19th October
Wednesday 9th November
Wednesday 30th November
Wednesday 14th December
Wednesday 18th January
Wednesday 8th February
Wednesday 1st March
Wednesday 22nd March
Wednesday 12th April
Wednesday 3rd May
Wednesday 24th May
Wednesday 14th June
Wednesday 5th July

All meetings will take place at The Eastgate Tennis, Bowls and Squash Club commencing at 7.30pm.

The final positions in the Dream Team Tournament held on Sunday 1st May at The Morning Star were`:

  1. Dave Collett
  2. Jez Boothman
  3. John Devaney
  4. Barbara Devaney
  5. Ian Johns (not in photo)
  6. Clare Devaney
  7. Carol Dawson
  8. Reuben Devaney
  9. Ant Chalmers


Finally, if you wish to view this season’s Flickers league results and table, simply scroll down the page to the next item.


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