2015 Ruck and Roll Challenge


The second Lincoln Flickers Subbuteo Rugby Union competition (The Ruck and Roll Challenge) took place at the Morning Star pub, 11 Greetwell Gate, Lincoln LN2 4AW, on Sunday 13th December with the following results:


Fairfield Saxons – Jez Boothman
Moston Marauders – John Devaney
Scottish Snortters – Ian Johns


Fairfield Saxons 5 Moston Marauders 0
Moston Marauders 22 Scottish Snortters 0
Scottish Snortters 5 Fairfield Saxons 37


Fairfield Saxons W2 L0 F 42 A 5 Pts 9
Moston Marauders W1 L1 F 22 A 5 Pts 6
Scottish Snortters W0 L2 F 5 A 59 Pts 0

Subbuteo rugby proved to be a much more enjoyable game than any of us expected and we’ll definitely be playing it again.



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