El Movimiento Objetivos Escudo


The title of this competition roughly translates as “He moved the goals”. The reason for this will become evident if you read further.

Back in the 1970s, Mick Brien and I competed for a couple of seasons in a subbuteo league which, among other participants, included my dad. Mick and my dad always got on extremely well, despite the fact that my dad suffered from a chronic brain abnormaility which resulted in his espousing a lifelong allegiance to Liverpool Football Club. Mick and the old man particularly enjoyed their subbuteo matches against one another, I think largely because they were very evenly matched. Unfortunately, this tended to mean that they negated one another, and I soon learned to leave them to it and retire to the kitchen where I could engage in the much more exhilarating activity of watching the goldfish swimming aimlessly around its bowl. On one never to be remembered occasion, my dad and Mick played out no fewer than eleven consecutive goalless draws.

Fast forward to January 2012, and my dad sadly passed away, aged 87. As a sort of memorial to him, and in recognition of his love of subbuteo, Mick and I decided to instigate an annual subbuteo competition to be contested by the two of us. The name I came up with for the competition was “El Movimiento Objetivos Escudo”, which given that I derived it from Google Translate is undoubtedly very bad Spanish, but is intended to mean “He moved the goals”. The title was doubly appropriate: first, because he had a very annoying tendency, while playing subbuteo, of moving the goals in his anxiety to prevent shots from entering the net; and secondly because he moved the metaphorical goalposts on at least six occasions by recovering from no fewer than six heart attacks, at least three of which ought by rights to have killed him.

The El Movimiento Objetivos Escudo was played over two legs, with the following results:


1ST LEG  Moston Torpedo 2 Santa Domingo De Branston 0

2ND LEG  Santa Domingo De Branston 0 Moston Torpedo 3

[Moston Torpedo won 5-0 on aggregate]


1ST LEG  Santa Domingo De Branston 0 Moston Torpedo 2

2ND LEG  Moston Torpedo 1 Santa Domingo De Branston 0

[Moston Torpedo won 3-0 on aggregate]


Competition suspended

The reason the competition went into mothballs was that, late in 2013, Mick developed bowel cancer, and on 29th June 2014 he passed away just a few weeks shy of his 57th birthday. It seemed a shame to knock the whole thing on the head permanently, however, and in April 2015 Andy Berry kindly consented to take Mick’s place in a competition which would henceforth be a joint celebration of the lives of Bernard Anthony Devaney and Michael John Brien. The 2015 El Movimiento Objetivos Escudo therefore took place at The Morning Star on Thursday 2nd April 2015 with the following results:

1ST LEG  Unreal United 0 Moston Torpedo 0

2ND LEG  Moston Torpedo 3 Unreal United 0

[Moston Torpedo won 3-0 on aggregate]


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