2011 ESTFA National Championships


Arguably the most important event in the ESTFA calendar, the National Championships, took place in Leicester on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October. The competition was split into four senior divisions plus one for juniors. The three Flickers participants, Andy Boyer, Jez Boothman and John Devaney were all placed in division three, as were “part time Flickers” Adrian and Sam Curtis. The competition proved to be a highly memorable one for the club, and for two of its members in particular. Andy Boyer (pictured above receiving his trophy) finished top of division three with an unbeaten record, becoming the first Lincoln Flickers player to win a tournament held away from The Morning Star. Meanwhile Jez Boothman continued his fine run of recent form to finish as runner-up. Both players received trophies and will be promoted to division two for 2012. “Dippa” Curtis will also be playing in division two next year after finishing third with the same number of points as Jez, but an inferior goal difference. Sam Curtis had an inconsistent day with the highlight being a 5-2 thrashing of Darren Butler. John Devaney started promisingly but then played appallingly to finish in last place in the division, succumbing to relegation as a consequence. 


Jez (Grimsby shirt) 0 Martin Bellafontaine 0

The third and fourth divisions were single day competitions played on the Saturday according to a Swiss format, while the top two divisions were played on a round robin basis over two days. A special Sunday division gave players from division three and four plus a smattering of players who might have been good enough for divisions one or two had they been available both days an opportunity for some extra competition. John Devaney was the only Flickers player to take part in this competition and managed to play much better than on the Saturday to finish fifth.


John (no hair) 1 Darren Butler 1



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