Lincoln Flickers 2010 World Cup

World Cup 2010

The ten teams which participated in the competition were:

                                               ARGENTINA – ADRIAN CURTIS

                           BRAZIL – ANDY BOYER

                           ITALY – JEREMY BOOTHMAN

                                MEXICO – MICHAEL BRIEN

                                NETHERLANDS – JEREMY BRADLEY

                                NIGERIA – ANDY BERRY

                                PARAGUAY – SAM CURTIS

                                 SLOVAKIA – DOMINIC PICKSLEY

                                SWITZERLAND – MARTIN HODDS

                                 URUGUAY – JOHN DEVANEY

Main Competition Results

Preliminary Round

Netherlands-Nigeria (5-0) 7-0

Paraguay-Brazil (0-1) 0-1

Quarter Finals

Italy-Mexico (1-0) 1-0

Uruguay-Slovakia (1-0) 1-0

Argentina-Netherlands (0-0) 0-1

Switzerland-Brazil (1-0) 1-1 1-1 aet (Switzerland won 3-2 on shots)

Semi Finals

Italy-Uruguay (0-0) 0-0 1-0 ‘golden goal’ aet

Netherlands-Switzerland (0-0) 0-0 1-0 ‘golden goal’ aet

3rd/4th Place Final

Uruguay-Switzerland (0-3) 0-5


Italy-Netherlands (0-1) 0-4

Plate Competition Results

Qualifying Round

Mexico-Slovakia (0-0) 0-1

Argentina-Brazil (1-0) 1-2

Semi Finals

Nigeria-Paraguay (0-1) 0-1

Slovakia-Brazil (0-0) 0-0 0-1 ‘golden goal’ aet


Paraguay-Brazil (0-1) 1-1 2-1 ‘golden goal’ aet

Warm congratulations to Jeremy Bradley from Leicester who won the main competition without conceding a single goal. Well done too to Sam Curtis who avenged his earlier defeat at the hands of Andy Boyer to clinch the plate with an extra time ‘golden goal’. A special word of commendation goes to Andy who had not played seriously for several years but obtained some truly excellent results against highly rated opposition. Had he not had the misfortune to be find himself in the tough side of the draw he would certainly have been a semi finalist at the very least. The tournament saw several players making their competition debuts and all acquitted themselves well. Andy Berry had the misfortune to be drawn against the eventual winner in his opening match but he recovered well to give a high quality opponent in Sam Curtis a close match in the plate. Andy’s ambidextrous style is sure to bamboozle more than a few opponents as he becomes more confident and accomplished. Mick Brien was unfortunate to lose both of his matches by the only goal. He was particularly unlucky against Dominic Picksley when forced to change colours and play with a team with unfamiliar (and basically crap) bases. Dominic himself could consider himself unfortunate to lose a closely contested quarter final to John Devaney by the only goal. He went on to show what a promising player he is by holding the excellent Andy Boyer in normal time before going out to a ‘golden goal’. An indication of how fiercely contested the competition was overall can be construed from the fact that twelve of the fifteen matches were either won by just a single goal or decided on shots. Thanks to everyone who took part. It was a thoroughly enjoyable night, and hopefully will have given our club just the shot in the arm it needed. Special thanks to Mark Smith from Wycombe Table Football who very kindly provided some much appreciated gift vouchers for his excellent online shop.

The Lincolnshire Echo’s preview article about the competition should hopefully still be viewable here.


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