Inaugural Flickers Meeting

celluloid team

The club held its first ever meeting on Wednesday 3rd March at the Morning Star. Present were Andy Berry, Mick Brien (aka ‘Ratlegs’), Martin Hodds, Rich Pepper and John Devaney. Martin and Rich are members of the well-established Yorkshire Phoenix club which is based in Wakefield and they very generously made the long trip over to Lincoln to offer their encouragement, advice and support. Mick had not played regularly since the ’70s, and even then it had only been according to elementary rules, while Andy had never previously played at all (at least not according to any known set of rules!). Both did exceedingly well as the results for the night confirm:

  John Devaney (1) 3  Mick Brien 0

  Mick Brien (0) 1  Andy Berry 0

  John Devaney (0) 1  Andy Berry 0

In addition, Rich and Martin were kind enough to provide us with a 15 minute demonstration of what the game looks like when played properly.



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